BCHS makes registration for membership as easy as possible.

If you do not currently possess a Authorization to Possess Dried Marihuana, a signed B1 form, signed B2 form or hold a valid membership at another Compassion Club and would like to sign up for membership, simply complete our physicians confirmation of diagnosis along with a release of information form and a Black Crow Herbal Solutions Membership application.

If you have a valid membership at another Canadian compassion club you can use it for your first 3 visits and after that you will require a membership.

You will need to complete the following forms and bring them in along with your ID to complete the membership process to be considered for membership at BCHS.
You can also fill out the forms and apply online right here on our website by CLICKING HERE.

*2 pieces of government issued ID. One primary and one secondary.
*Passport sized photo
*Completed copy of the Membership Application form down below.
*Completed copy of the Practitioner’s Recommendation form below.
*Completed copy of Release of Information form below.

All forms are in Adobe PDF format. If you need Adobe Reader, you can download and install it here:

Form1 – Release Of Information
Form2 – Practitioner Form
Form3 – Membership Application